Our Story

30 year date

Founded in 1990, Ever Sharp Tools (EST) has been providing the machining industry with high quality custom cutting tools including broaches, forming racks, functional spline gauges, variable gauges, master gears, hobs, skives and shapers, profile milling cutters, custom drills and mills, and annular cutters for more than 30 years.

In 2016, EST Tools America, Inc. (dba Ever Sharp Tools) was formed and strategically located in Southeastern Michigan to serve customers throughout North America with custom manufactured products from EST Tools and local, state-of-the-art CNC broach tool sharpening service. In addition to our North American Service Center, EST Tools has three factory locations, as well as a Technical Center, Research & Development Center, and eight teams of tool designers and engineers.

Vertical & Horizontal Integration

As a vertically integrated global manufacturer, EST Tools supplies high quality, precision cutting tools and measuring devices directly to our many customers. Because we design each tool specifically to our customers’ needs and choose the tool steel with the right combination of heat treatment and proper tool coating, EST manufactures tools with better performance and lower cost per part. We control quality by performing material spectrum analysis, coupon gear geometry analysis, coupon profile optical scan and comparison, and tool coating cohesion and adhesion measurement. Our capabilities include tools in sizes ranging in size from a D2.5 x 10mm drill or a D.250” x 2” end mill to a D12” x 100” long broach tool. Big or small, we make them all!

EST Tools is also a horizontally integrated manufacturer serving all manufacturing segments with custom cutting tool solutions in a one-stop-shop. From internal spline broaches to shaping or skiving, and from external roll forming to hobbing or milling, EST teams design or reverse engineer custom tools for specific machining process with precision spline tools and spline inspection solutions. With our in-depth foundational knowledge of spline standards, EST provides guidance and solutions on best practice methods to check and inspect spline related features. Additionally, EST’s quality lab offers ISO 17025 accredited spline inspection certifications.

Quality & Service

EST Tools is proud to maintain the following quality system certifications:

Our mission is to serve customers with high-performance tools, precision spline gauges, as well as custom engineering solution services. EST teams work closely with end-users to thoroughly understand expectations for quality, tool performance, and overall tool life.

Contact one of our professional team members today and let EST create a custom solution to meet your unique challenges!

Our Locations

North American Sales & Service Center – Michigan
Corporate Headquarters – Haiyan
Manufacturing & Office – Haiyan
Hob Manufacturing Plant – Wenling

Our Product History

  • Gear Cutting Tools

    Internal Spline/Gear

    1994: Conventional Parallel-sided Spline Broach

    1999: Conventional Involute Spline Broach

    2006: Spiral Gullet Spline Broach

    2008: One-pass Spur Ring Gear Broach with 300mm OD x 3000mm OAL

    2009: Helical Ring Gear Broach

    2011: Hard Broach shell with spline pilot arbor for spline finishing

    2016:  Shank type Shaper Cutter

    2018: Shank type Skiving/ Scudding Cutter

    2020: Fine Pitch (≤80DP or 0.3M) Shaper cutter

  • Gear Cutting Tools

    External Spline/Gear

    1995: Spline/ Gear Hob with HSS material

    2001: Surface Spline Broach, e.g.  serrated flange yoke surface broach

    2004: Spline Milling Cutter

    2005: Pot Broach Sticks with Finishing Rings

    2006: Surface Spline Broach for Steering Racks

    2007:  Spline Forming Racks

    2008: Carbide Spline Finishing Punch Die

    2010:  Spline/ Gear Hob with Carbide material

    2013: Hobs with Class AAA

    2014: Carbide Brazed Ball Nose Milling Cutter for CV Shaft Ball Tracks

    2016: Solid Carbide Profile Milling Cutter for Worm Shaft

    2016: Disc & Deep Counterbore Shaper

    2016: Pot Broach Holder

    2017: Spline Forming Dies

    2018: Skiving/Scudding Cutter

    2020: Fine Pitch (≤80DP or 0.3M) Hob

    Gear Cutting Tools

  • Gear Checking/Measuring Devices

    Internal & External Spline/Gear

    1990:  Straight-sided Spline Functional Plug/ Ring Gauge

    1995: Involute Spline Functional Plug/ Ring Gage

    2000: Tapered Involute Spline Arbor

    2003: Spline Variable Stationary Measuring Device

    2004: Spline Variable Handheld Measuring Device

    2006: Expansion Mandrel

    2008: Master Gear

    2013: Drafted and Formulated the GB Straight Cylindrical Involute Spline Gauge Standard.

    2019: Spline Quality Lab attained ISO  17025 Accreditation

  • Industrial Machining Tools

    Fir Tree/Christmas Tree Profile

    2004: PM-HSS Christmas-tree Profile Milling Cutter for Steam Turbine Disc Slots

    2005: Turbine Broach set for jet engine slots

    2011: Fir-tree Broach set for gas turbine disc slots

    2014: Solid Carbide Fir-tree Profile Milling Cutter

    Industrial Machining Tools

  • Industrial Machining Tools


    2007: Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutter

    2007: Thread Rolling Racks

    2008: Custom Thread Tap

    2017: Thread Rolling Dies

  • Industrial Machining Tools

    General Applications

    1990: HSS Roughing & Finishing End Mills

    1994: Carbide-tipped Core Drills/ Hole Saws

    2002: Custom HSS & Carbide Drill and Reamer

    2005: Surface Broach, e.g. Surface broach for crank shaft connecting rods

    2006: Internal Profile Broach, e.g. CV Joint Lobe Broach

    2007: Carbide Roughing End Mills

    2009: Surface Profile Broach, e.g. Surface broaches set for disc brake caliper bracket

    2016: Surface Profile Broach with Carbide Indexable Inserts

    2020: Rolling Cutter for KN95 face Masks

    Industrial Machining Tools