What are the most common types of Spline Gages?


There are 3 main categories of spline gages (also spelled “gauges”) to check splined components:

Functional Gages are commonly called Go and No Go gages. They include Plug – used to check internal splines – and Ring – used to check external splines. These can be manufactured for involute, serration, straight, parallel, angular, tapered, spur and helical splines. Go/No Go gages provide the most basic inspection of spline component tooth profiles via a “pass/fail” check method. Gages can be made to multiple standards including ANSI/AGMA, DIN, JIS, SAE and more!


Variable Gages can be used to check the same tooth profiles as that of standard functional gages, except that these specialty gages measure exact space or tooth dimensions by comparison to a setting master, using a precision indicator. These gages are generally made of multiple “sections” which allows for greater accuracy of the product. The end sections are generally fixed, while the center section adjusts to measure size variation and transfers that motion to the indicator. Variable gages can also be used to check dimension over pins (also called dimension under pins, dimension over balls or dimension between balls). These gages feature 2 spring-loaded balls whose motion is transferred to an indicator. Variable gages can made in either handheld or stationary (bench gage) styles, depending on the size of the item being checked.


Other Specialty Gages Other specialty gages include taper master plugs, locking spline arbors, locking spline rings, concentricity gages, tapered spline arbors, expanding arbors, plain round arbors, plain rings and more.


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