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Broach Tools and Parts

EST is a global leader in broach tool engineering, design and manufacturing. Our broach tool solutions include:
Internal Form               Punch Broaches        Carbide insert/brazed tools
Hard Broaches             Blind Broaches          Pot Broach Tools & Holders
Spiral Gullet                 Kinsert Broaches       Turbine
Flat Form Broaches     Rifling Broaches        Brake Broaches/Holders
Rack Broaches            Gun Broaches            Broach Holders
Pull Broaches              Keyway Broaches      Custom Specialty Broaches 
Push Broaches            Solid Carbide

Spline Gages

EST designs and manufactures spline gages for all your inspection and measurement requirements. We offer solutions for gear and spline measurement including: Go/No Go Spline Gages, handheld and tabletop variable gages, master gears and artifacts, spline arbors (plain round and expanding), dimension over pin/ball gages and numerous other specialty gages customized to meet your needs.

All EST spline gages are custom engineered to meet your specific requirements. Standards include ANSI, DIN, ISO, GB, JIN and more. All gages include drawings and ISO certified inspection certificates.

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Hob Tools

EST specializes in high precision hobs, solid carbide, high speed steel, shell or shank type with straight or spiral gash design. Types include: involute gear, involute spline, parallel side spline, sprocket, worm gear, pre-shaving, pre-grinding, finishing and other specialty hobs. Offering Class A, AA, AAA; up to 10 inches in diameter.

Simply provide EST with your requirements and we will engineer a solution just for you.

Forming Racks

Spline rolling is a proven, high production, cost effective process for generating complex geometries in metal parts. Spline Rolling utilizes paired racks mounted in a spline rolling machine to roll complex geometric shapes into cold, or ambient temperature, metal parts.

EST offers high quality spline, thread and worm racks (inch and metric) with a module from 0.3 up to 2. The sizes of racks include 13” – 24” – 36” – 48”


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Specialty Drills and Mills

EST offers a variety of specialty Drills and Mills including roughing end mills, profile mill cutters, thread milling cutters, non-standard reamers & drills, step drills, internal coolant drills, hole saws and hole cutters. All available in carbide and high speed steel (HSS) with a variety of coatings.

Coatings and Steel Grades

Multiple steel grades and coatings are available from EST. When quoting tools, we select the optimum steel grade for the best value and tool life. We also offer a variety of coating solutions to fit your needs. We often include suggested coatings on our tool quotes, and we can provide additional coating options upon request. View our available steel grades and coatings by clicking the image or contact us for additional information.

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