The broach tool design diagram below shows the general geometry of a hole broach. Note that “P” represents the pitch, “nr” is the number of roughing teeth, “ns” is the number of semi-finishing teeth, and “nf” is the number of finishing teeth.

The broach tool design includes three sections: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. The broach combines three levels of cutting with one tool. Unlike typical machining processes, broaching completes multiple machining steps in quick succession. This makes broaching an efficient and popular option, especially for higher volume production machining.

Broach tools can machine a variety of hard and soft materials, depending on the design and tool type. The broaching process is similar to reaming, shaping, milling and boring, and is considered a superior option for high-volume production applications.

A high quality broach tool is critical to successful broaching results. EST makes broach tools of the highest quality and precision, so contact EST today for your broach tool quote.

Diagram from Degarmo, E. Paul; Black, J T.; Kohser, Ronald A. (2003), Materials and Processes in Manufacturing (9th ed.), p. 637. For additional information and source references, see

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