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The Experts in Total Spline Solutions

Ever Sharp Tools (EST) is the world’s largest manufacturer of spline gages and among the Top 5 manufacturers of gear cutting tools. We offer custom engineered gear tool and spline gage solutions – our Total Spline Solutions:

  • Spline Gages – Go and No Go plugs and rings, Variable Gages, Tapered Masters, Master Gears (spur and helical) and more
  • Broach Tools – Hard Broaches, Helical, Conventional, Spiral Gullet, Involute, Pot/Tunnel, Form/Flat, Turbine/Fir Tree, Keyway, Blind Spline Broaching Dies, Indexable Carbide Insert Broaches
  • Gear Cutting Tools – Skive, Hob, Shaper and Milling Cutters
  • Forming Tools – Spline and Thread Racks, Spline Forming Dies
  • Industrial Machining Tools – Annular Cutters, Thread Milling Cutters, Specialty Mills & Drills
  • Broaching Machine Solutions – Our highly skilled team can solve even the most complex challenges

We are proud to produce products of the highest quality, offering exceptional service and value, making us a preferred partner for our customers throughout North America.

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